September is officially starting to put a damper on summer festivities, and what better way to ‘fall’ into fall than to post up at a local coffee shop?

No, I am not talking about the fast-paced Starbucks or Dutch Bro’s drive-thru; but a real, cozy coffee shop that may be hidden to the average Northern Colorado local’s eye. Don’t get me wrong, I love a Frappuccino on the way to work in the morning as much as the next girl. But as far as coffee shops go, I prefer the “coffeehouse experience” over the speed of my espresso any day.

Bindle Coffee is located in Fort Collins and has been nothing but exceptional for NOCO coffee fans. Rated 4.7 stars on Google Reviews, Bindle Coffee aims to serve their guests the best they can at any cost. They encourage the community come “Sit & Savor” the artistry behind the creation of their pastries and coffee. Bindle is known for their comforting atmosphere, handmade treats and drinks and ensuring that each customer has a one-of-a-kind experience. The outdoor aesthetic is just as serene as the inside as they tie in their local ‘homegrown’ theme throughout their brand. Bindle Coffee is the perfect spot for your next work-from-home location; whatever schedule you have, take a chance on Bindle.

Looking for the ‘purr-fect’ late night study spot to cram for your first exam? Alleycat Coffee House is open 24-hours and is the ideal study spot in Downtown Fort Collins. Not only does Alleycat have a phenomenal coffee and chai selection, but they offer free wireless internet for customers. Alleycat is a creative, comfortable spot for whatever surprise your schedule (or professor) throws your way. Getting work done at this eccentric café will never prove to be an issue. Make Alleycat your usual study spot and you will not be disappointed.

Fort Collins is not the only city in NOCO with exceptional coffee. Dark Heart Coffee Bar, located in Downtown Loveland, will leave you stunned with how tasty their coffees, teas and pastries are. In the mood for something a little bit stronger than espresso? Their plethora of wine, local craft beer and mimosas will fix that itch in no time. If you have ever been to their website, you’ll notice the slogan “coffee is in our blood” located on the main page. Coffee will also be in your blood from how many times you’ll be visiting this coffee shop after tasting one of their delectable cups of joe.

Windsor coffee fanatics – don’t worry about a thing. You do not have to travel outside of your jurisdiction to discover the perfect coffee shop for you, because I found it for you. It’s called Coffee House 29, and it is absolutely adorable for anyone in need of a warm new hangout. With a 4.8 Google rating, you are sure to be satisfied after sipping a toasty latte in this charming coffeehouse. Coffee House 29 advertises their environment as “cozy and calm,” and ideal for studying or working. They also have a fireplace and lounge seating – making Coffee House 29 your go-to coffee shop for the upcoming fall and winter months.

In order to survive living in Greeley, you must have a local coffee shop around to get you through your day. Aunt Helen’s is a sassy, upbeat coffee shop that will turn anyone’s frown upside down. Head to Downtown Greeley for some of Aunt Helen’s famous advice, mouth watering food and savory coffee or specialty tea. Aunt Helen’s got their inspiration from, you guessed it, Aunt Helen – who is 105 years old and as vibrant as ever. In the famous words of Aunt Helen, “Come to Aunt Helen’s, have some coffee & mind your own damn business.”

With options in every NOCO city, you are sure to find a coffee shop that fits your personal coffee preferences. Stop procrastinating in your coffee shop search, and start ‘pro-caffeinating’ with any of these fantastic options near you.

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