It is my personal belief that no matter your age, you should always do something a bit childish every once in a while, and if you are like me, then you do something childish everyday. When I say act childish I don't mean fall to the floor in the supermarket and start screaming or holding your breath. I mean go do something fun that you normally wouldn't do as an adult but something you would of done when you were a kid. For example, over the weekend I took my girlfriend to Fort Fun for her birthday. I invited friends and we made a day of it, laser tag and go carts is a great way to act like a kid. On top of that, acting childish is a huge stress reliever. So, next time you find yourself stressed out or feeling a bit down, go have fun! Fly a kite, go play tag with some friends or invite some friends over and dust off your "Candy Land" board game and have a blast. Your mental health and inner child will thank you.

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