As a Fort Collins local, I am always looking for new, adventurous outdoor activities. Spirit of Colorado offers a great option for a romantic date or a scenic experience with friends and family.

Your balloon ride will start in the morning and cover most of Fort Collins “while you enjoy the peace and quiet of floating through the sky.” Guests will work with the ground crew to inflate and deflate the balloon and the balloon ride itself will last about an hour.

Finally, your experience will end with an awesome champagne ceremony. Check out the video below for a sneak peak.

Your future pilot Bob is a pretty cool guy. Bob founded Spirit of Colorado five years ago and has 35 years of experience flying around the world. He first became interested in the sport after talking with a friend who worked in the industry. He was immediately intrigued and began pursuing a career as a pilot. Bob has competed in hot air ballooning competitions in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, and Colorado. In the early 2000s, he even completed a solo flight around the world and set a record “in balloon flight as the first person to fly solo.”

If you’re interested in a day of fun with a unique view of Fort Collins, visit the Spirit of Colorado website to learn more. You can call or email to set up an appointment or purchase a gift card for someone special. You only need a camera, tennis shoes, and layered clothing for the special day; the rest of the gear is provided. Have fun adventuring!

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