The Colorado mountains will be getting some snow this weekend and CDOT wants you to be prepared.

This weekend through next Tuesday appears to have the best chance for accumulating snow in the mountains, down to 8,500 feet. Icy spots and some light accumulations on the I-70 Mountain Corridor and other mountain passes are possible by the weekend into early next week. The Colorado Department of Transportation advises motorists to be prepared when snow starts to fly.

What to Keep in Your Car For Winter Driving

To be extra prepared, motorists should stock their cars with blankets, water, a flashlight, a shovel, some nutrition bars or other food for sustenance. Motorists should also consider stocking up on sand to help gain traction in the event a vehicle becomes stuck on ice or snow, jumper cables, an ice scraper and lock deicer.

You should also start brushing off snow tires to make sure they are equipped to handle snowy roads or visit a local tire store to purchase new snow or mud/snow designated tires. Also, now is the time to consider registering teenagers in classes that will help them drive in snowy conditions.

CDOT Training

CDOT maintenance crews have winter on the mind all year long. In fact, maintenance crews across the state conducted trainings in September for new hires as well as for folks who have been with CDOT for decades. These trainings cover best practices, safety tips and promote efficient ways to be winter ready. CDOT crews are checking to make sure they have all the snow fighting materials they need and are ensuring that their plows are in great shape.

CDOT avalanche testing
Colorado Department of Transportation

CDOT's avalanche crew also met in August at Fort Carson to do test fires on a Howitzer, an avalanche mitigation device, to make sure the team is practicing proper safety techniques and, for some, learn how to use the piece of equipment before the coming winter.



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