There are definitely things you never want to have to experience and coming face to face with a demon moose is certainly near the top of the list.

Living in Wyoming, the chance of us coming in contact with a moose is better than folks in the rest of the country. Even though we may be prepared and know what to do if that happens, we'll never be ready for face the demon moose.

The instagram account 'busywild' focuses on videos and pictures that are interesting things happening in the wild. We know that those situation aren't rare, so their page is always posting new videos.

The most recent freaked me out a little at 1 in the morning, in a dark room.

The video shows a HUGE moose, with glowing eyes, eating off a tree while standing in the driveway of a person trying to get home.

I can't even imagine what the first thought that goes through your mind, when you're in a situation like this. For this particular person, it was "shoot, I have to grab my phone and begin filming"...thankfully for us, that exactly what happened.

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Even though the video was crazy, cool. Some of the comments were pretty funny.

Moose comment 1
busywild via Instagram
moose comment 2
busywild via Instagram

If you're in a situation like this, make sure you're first thought is your safety and remain in your vehicle. This big boy could've flipped on his temper in an instant and really caused a horrific moment for the driver.

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