Fort Collins may be changing its concealed-carry law. As in, you could soon take that flask of vodka out from your inside pocket -- but only in certain parts of town.

Peter Kim/ThinkStock

Similar to Downtown Greeley's Go Cup District, some Fort Collins bar owners are proposing a change in open container laws in Old Town, making it so you can take your drink from one bar to another.

The Denver Channel reported that businesses and bars in Old Town would have to petition the city to create an 'entertainment district,' that would allow patrons to take alcoholic drinks from one place to another, but it sounds like the Fort Collins Police are concerned it would require too much regulation.

Greeley's Go Cup District was created in 2012, and according to the Greeley Tribune, it formed for the same reasons: to enhance nightlife and social experiences downtown. They've seen it as a positive change in the bar and entertainment scene.

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