Big and super-awesome changes could be coming to the Aggie Theatre in Fort Collins, involving a rooftop bar and stage.

According to the Coloradoan's Erin Udell, a preliminary design application was submitted to the City of Fort Collins on September 14 requesting improvements to the outside of the 204 S. College Avenue property. These plans say the renovation would "transform The Aggie from nighttime music venue to around-the-clock attraction."

Last year I spoke with owner Adam Stroul about possible renovations that would occur following the purchase of the venue from former, longtime owner Scoo Leary. He said not only would customers see a change in the type of acts they'd like to bring to Fort Collins, but that the venue would also get a fresh coat of paint among other improvements.

My guess is the Aggie is beginning to feel the heat from all the other, smaller venues with rooftop entertainment like Illegal Pete's and Mainline. Where these businesses (in my opinion) have it right, the Aggie hasn't yet caught up.

Though, for a long time they haven't had to "catch up" because they've been arguably the most well-known venue in town (aside from Hodi's/The Starlight, etc.), however...the times they are a-changin'. Artists and bands are beginning to pop up at these smaller venues, attracting crowds, attention, and praise, and the Aggie needs to do something about it.

I was there just a couple months ago and from the inside, not much has changed from what I could see. If these rooftop bar and stage plans are approved and followed-through with, the Aggie can totally change the game much to their advantage.

So, I can't wait to see what the future holds. This could be a really awesome renovation.

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