Traditionally, comic book characters hail from a few U.S. cities. However, if you dig deep, you can find that every state has at lease one character they can call their own, no matter how obscure. Doing the heavy lifting, has put together a list of comic book characters who originate from every state. When you look at the list, it's obvious that it favors Marvel and some independent titles over DC. This is because publishers like Marvel have always set their stories in the real world, opposed to made-up cities like Gotham and Metropolis.

Some states like New York have a glutton of riches to choose from. However, they settled on Peter Parker and his alter ego Spider-Man, one of the most popular characters.

GettyImages-Andrew Toth
GettyImages-Andrew Toth

. But what about Colorado? What comic book character can we claim as our own? Well, that would be one Peter Quill, better known as "Star-Lord" from Guardians of the Galaxy. A few years ago, Star-Lord would most likely fallen into the category of "obscure" comic book heroes. But ever since Chris Pratt's portrayal of the character in one of the most successful Marvel movies to date, he's become a household name. Now, not only does Colorado have a well-known character to call our own, we also have a movie franchise.

Skipping over some of the more obscure characters, here are is a list of where some of the more popular characters originate.

Alaska - X-Man Scott Summer, also known as Cyclops

California - Cousin to Bruce Banner (the Hulk), Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk

Florida - Mutant and partner to Deadpool, Domino

Illinois - X-Man Kitty Pryde

Iowa - Avenger from the Hawkeye state, Hawkeye

Louisiana - One of the most popular Marvel characters, Gambit

Michigan - One of the most popular anti-hero's, from creator Todd McFarlane, Spawn

Mississippi - Another popular X-Man Rogue (I'm still waiting for them to portray her right in the movies)

Nebraska - One of the few DC characters from an actual state, Wally West, AKA Kid Flash

Ohio - Bruce Banner himself, The Incredible Hulk

Pennsylvania - The inspiration to one of Marvels next movies starting Benedict Cumberbatch, Doctor Stephen Strange

Virginia - John Carter, from the incredibly popular series that started in the early 1900's John Carter of Mars.

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