With comics and their characters dominating pop culture, Comic-Cons are becoming go-to destinations for some of the biggest celebrities in entertainment. One of the fastest-growing cons in right here in Colorado, with the 2016 Denver Comic-Con attracting a who's who of TV and movies. Comic-Cons are no longer just reserved for those who read comic books, it's a destination for movie and TV studios to promote their projects and stars. This year's Denver Con has cast members from such hits as Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Gotham, Doctor Who, Arrow, The Legends of Tomorrow, The Marvel Univers and even the Princess Bride, just to name a few.

The Denver Comic-Con is happening June 17-19 (2016) at the Colorado Convention Center, and the event will sell out. They have daily and three-day passes, that give you access to panels and meet and greets.

Check out some of the amazing celebrities that are coming to Denver in June.

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