Living in numerous states, I have told people that I am from Colorado. The first thing people would talk about was the legal marijuana. The second was how they couldn't live here because of how bad the winters are. Now, being as that we all think our state is overcrowded, I wouldn't disagree with them. I do have to say that I know better when it comes to our winters.


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Website, Thrillist, has compiled a list of all 50 states, ranking them from least to most miserable when it comes to winter.

Where did our state of Colorful Colorado rank? Well, it might actually surprise you at how not miserable our state is when it comes to the bitter cold and snow.

Coming in at the least miserable are the islands of Hawaii. That is a given considering Hawaii is pretty much paradise. Or so I hear, I have never been there so I cannot tell you first hand.

Fort Collins Snowstorm December 2015
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Colorado's ranking is pretty impressive, coming in at the 4th least miserable state for winter. Crazy, right? In fact our state rocks so much for winter it beat out Florida. Thrillist claims that our state's sunshine, winter sports, our craft beer scene, the Denver Broncos and the legal weed have a major impact on the draw to Colorado in the winter.

The most miserable state according to the list is Minnesota. I have been there before... I understand why!


If you would like to check out the full list of the states ranked on miserableness, you can do so HERE.

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