Man, we've really had some COLD weather lately here in Northern Colorado, and Larimer Humane Society has gotten their fair share of calls from people concerned about animals that are left outside.

They like to get those calls. Obviously, not because that means there is a cold animal somewhere, but because they want you to alert them. Animal Protection Officers like Randy will assess the situation, and determine if an animal is OK or not. But, if ever in doubt, just call them!

Know that while LHS will always respond to the call, they will only take action if needed to make sure the animal is safe. But, we and the folks at LHS all agree that if it is too cold for YOU to be outside, it's too cold for your special four-legged friend (Yes, even if you had a fur coat on, too!).

According to Randy, pet safety in the winter all really depends on the breed of the dog, the condition outside, and -- this is a big one -- adequate shelter! He explains it here:

If you need to call in a welfare check for an animal left in the cold, you can reach LHS through their website or at (970) 226-3647 ext. 7.

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