Obviously, you know that you can adopt a dog or a cat from an animal shelter. Did you know that you can also adopt a guinea pig, mouse, hamster, bunny, pigeon (yes, that's right), duck or chicken? All of these critters are waiting for their forever homes at the Larimer Humane Society.

I spoke with Justin Clapp (Marketing and Community Outreach Program Manager) about what things were like at the shelter these past couple of years during the pandemic, Cameron Peak Fires, and what he thinks 2022 will bring.

"What's actually been very cool is being able to see families who may have adopted their first animal at the beginning of the pandemic. Then they come back a year later and they sit back and go 'We've loved having this animal with us, we've come back and we want to adopt another one,'" said Clapp about what some adoptions have been like after 2020.

The Larimer Humane Society offers education classes for the community like Pet Care, Kindness and Compassion, Pet Overpopulation, Animal Communication and Bite Prevention, a vet program, and much more.

"What's great about living in northern Colorado, it is a very passion-driven area for animals," said Clapp. "People love their animals in this community."

There is actually a waiting list for people who want to volunteer at the shelter — a great issue to have. Do not let that discourage you though, they still need our help, whether it be monetary or with our time.

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The Humane Society is also hosting a variety of events in 2022, including a calendar party for the "2022 Celebration of Second Chances" on January 21st at Crooked Stave in Old Town Fort Collins and the 32nd Annual Fire Hydrant 5K on June 4th at Spring Canyon Park. All proceeds will go to the Larimer Humane Society.

Learn more about Larimer Humane Society by listening to the full "Tuned In to NoCo" interview with Justin Clapp below.

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