It's that time of year where those afternoon thunderstorms come rolling through and recently, there have been some impressive light shows from Mother Nature. While these lightning shows are impressive to watch (safely from a distance) this particular video shows just how quickly lightning can strike down on something or someone...THANKFULLY the only damage and injury from this particular strike was to the tree.

I was kind of surprised to not see the tree or at least a portion of the tree come crashing down after the strike. According to 9 News, this strike occurred on the 4th of July in a Parker neighborhood.

This was part of the cluster of thunderstorms that hit the area with large hail, heavy rain and frequent lightning over this past weekend.

There have been some wild weather swings recently where the mornings and early part of the afternoon are sunny and pleasant and then all of a sudden the walls of rain and storms come flying through.

Colorado is one of the deadliest states for lightning strikes and even crazier, Larimer County has the second most lightning related deaths and injuries in Colorado.

So what is it? What is it that makes Colorado such a mecca and hotspot for lightning strikes? That was the question that I have been asking myself since about all of this crazy stuff happened.

Thanks to our friends at 9 News, they gave a little insight on why we here in Colorado need to be on much higher alert when the storms come rolling in. You can check out more on that right here:

YouTube/ 9News

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