You might see fireworks vendors setting up shop (and tents) to sell fireworks just outside of Greeley’s city limits, but the City of Greeley wants to remind residents, fireworks are banned by the state. 

The Greeley Fire Department would like to remind citizens that the Governor has issued a ban on all use of personal consumer fireworks in the State of Colorado. However, the City Attorney’s office has determined that the ban does not enable the City to stop the sale of personal consumer fireworks. Citizens will see fireworks stands in the City. Many vendors have already obtained permits and invested in their infrastructure and inventory and in the spirit of Greeley being “open for business”, vendors will still be allowed to sell fireworks to citizens who may then retain them until the ban is lifted or take them to another state where they are legal to use.

If you see personal fireworks in your area, please call 911 and report it. Professional fireworks displays are will still go on as planned according to the city.

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