Madonna is rocking a larger-than-life, Adele-style bouffant in photos taken from the set of her ‘Turn Up the Radio’ video. We obviously have to wait for the vid to be cut and edited, but these sexy images will tide us over until the big premiere.

According to the Italian press, Madonna already shot some of the footage an abandoned gas station in Mugello, while sitting in a convertible Cadillac. More scenes are expected to be shot in Florence. Madge, wearing stockings, black leather fingerless gloves and a high-rise, pushed back hairstyle complete with a thick, black headband, looks young, hip and sexy — but then again, when doesn’t she? She’s nodding to the ’60s with the hair, headband and cat eye sunglasses.

We love that Madonna Louise Ciccone filmed her latest video in Italy, where her family’s roots are.

The Material Girl also looks a bit dominatrix-y — again, when doesn’t she? — with the black cap and visible cleavage. She’s sitting in the convertible, surrounded by dancers. It leaves us wondering how much hairspray she used to keep that gravity-defying hairstyle in place.

Listen to Madonna, ‘Turn Up the Radio’

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