While Colorado isn't necessarily known for its BBQ, we do have some amazing options to get our BBQ fix. This specific Colorado City was ranked the best place to find BBQ in the state.

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Is This Really The Best Colorado City For BBQ?

Ever been to Memphis? Or swung through St. Louis or Kansas City in Missouri? If you have, then you've likely had some pretty delicious BBQ. I know when I visited St. Jude in Memphis, I chowed down. In fact, that was the first time I ever had BBQ Nachos! Colorado isn't famous for our BBQ, but we do have some really delicious BBQ in our state. Be it Nordy's or even Bigg's Meat Wagon right here in Northern Colorado, we have some great local options for BBQ. Believe it or not, though, the best place to get BBQ in Colorado isn't in NoCo.

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LawnStarter set out on a mission to find the best BBQ in America, ranking close to 200 different cities. They based their rankings on "Award-winning barbecue restaurants, experience hosting a 'master-level' competition, multiple barbecue festivals, and high ratings." Access and quality were also on the agenda when deciding where the best places to get some tasty BBQ was. Who stood out in Colorado?

Coming in at number 32 on LawnStarter's best BBQ list, with a score of 22.96 is Denver, Colorado. After all of their research, it's been declared that Colorado's capital city is the best place to dig in on some tasty BBQ. The second-best Colorado town for BBQ is Thornton sitting at number 105. Aurora is at number 153, Colorado Springs checks in at number 159, Lakewood at number 169, and Fort Collins rounds out the Colorado BBQ options at number 170, so NoCo gets a little love too. The top 3 rated cities for BBQ are Chicago at 3, Kansas City and 2, and St. Louis tops the list at number 1. Oddly enough, Memphis, which is very well known for their BBQ, came in at number 61, so technically we have better options in Colorado than in Tennesee. What town's were missed on their list in your mind?

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