Colorado has so many awesome hidden gems, but this hidden Colorado hotel could be one of the best ones yet. These views are breathtaking.

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Hidden Gem Colorado Hotel In National Park

Our great state of Colorado is not just beautiful and full of adventures, but it's full of some of the coolest hidden gems in the entire country, maybe even the world. We've talked about hidden vapor caves, hidden bars, heck, even hidden beaches in our landlocked state. This Colorado hotel though is truly breathtaking.

Colorado has some really amazing and even famous hotels like the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. The views when waking up and walking outside in the morning to grab breakfast or a cup of coffee, they're truly unbelievable. What if I told you this hidden gem Colorado hotel has as good, if not even better views? The Far View Lodge, located inside the Mesa Verde National Park might just be the coolest spot to stay in our entire state.

The Fair View Lodge In Mesa Verde National Park

This amazing 150-room lodge/hotel is located about 15 miles inside of Mesa Verde National Park so it's not easy to find, but it appears to be absolutely worth the drive.  

Not only do you have access to gorgeous views from your room, but you have access to amazing sites inside of the National Park, like this.

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Or this? This view would be absolutely priceless.  

Even if you never left your room, there's no shortage of views from the hotel. Stunning.

Hard to believe that a view like this is even available to the public to stay at and enjoy, isn't it?

From the Far View Lodge's bio:

Far View Lodge is the only lodging inside of Mesa Verde National Park and is located 15 miles from the park entrance. The traditional Western décor of the lobby and dining room, fantastic views, warm hospitality and superb dining welcome you for an unforgettable vacation. The lodge comprises of 150 rooms in 2 room types, Kiva and Kiva Deluxe View.

The lodge was designed to reflect the true essence of Mesa Verde, with solitude all around you and freedom from the distraction of in-room TVs or cell phone service but plenty of wildlife watching.

The Far View Lodge is open and taking reservations through October 26th, 2022.

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