Editor's Note: In further research, we found that the pictures below represent areas of the caves that have recently been closed off to the public due to safety concerns about spring runoff and high water levels. 

There are a lot of great ways to relax and unwind for a few days in our great state of Colorado. Add these Spa and Vapor Caves to your list of hidden gems list.

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Where To Relax In Colorado

Life can be stressful, right? We've learned that more over the last couple of years than ever before. Colorado has so many amazing things to do and see and also many really amazing ways to just relax and kickback. We could all likely use a little more rest & relaxation and this is one really cool place to do it in Colorado that not too many people know about.

Spa And Vapor Caves In Colorado

While not a mainstream attraction for most out-of-town tourists vacationing in Colorado, the Yampah Spa's Hot Springs mineral water in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, has been around for folks visiting to enjoy for over 100 years. It's right along the Colorado River, so while "easy" to find, it's still an extremely cool hidden gem in our Colorado mountains.

Yampah Spa And Vapor Caves In Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Calling themselves the "Oldest & Most Respected Spas in America," the Yampah Spa features stunning vapor caves that after taking a soak in, are said to leave your skin feeling super soft and rejuvenated. Who doesn't want that? Having never visited a hot springs location in my entire life, I've got this one on the list solely because of what these vapor caves look like. Isn't relaxing in a cave in mineral water on everybody's bucket list?

These gorgeous looking caves are described as:

"Natural underground hot mineral water steam baths located in the historic hot springs mountain retreat of Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Hot mineral waters flow through the cave floors at 125 degrees F. to create our natural geothermal steam baths."

The Yampah Spas and Vapor Caves are open daily for anyone folks 14 & up and reservations are still currently required.

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Learn more about this natural phenomenon that's a great place to relax with family and friends.

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