What a difference 3 weeks makes. The first 3 weeks of the season, the Broncos, their coaches and the organization could do no wrong but 3 weeks later, fans are disgusted (and understandably so) with a 3 game losing streak that seems even worse considering the way the losses have come.

There's not one person to blame or one group...it's just been a trickle down from top to bottom and nothing really seems to be working right now and that's a problem that needs to be fixed sooner than later because this promising season (or what at least looked to be in preseason and early on) could go right down the toilet.

In all 3 losses, (with the exception of the opening drive against the Raiders) the Broncos have started slow and have lacked any sort of cohesiveness on both sides of the ball and yesterday during the game, Drew Lock's Dad chimed in on what the offense should do....or at LEAST try to.

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Look, I admit, I didn't see half of the game due to me being outside hiking with my son most of the day but what I DID see was ugly. The Broncos had 4 turnovers yesterday (3 picks and 1 Bridgewater fumble) and quite honestly, other than a few big plays of chunk yards late in the game when things were all but decided, Denver just simply couldn't make the plays while the Raiders seemed to make all of the plays.

As a casual fan looking from the outside in, because I'm not going to lie to you and tell you I'm a diehard Broncos fan because I'm not, but...I do want to see them do well and I know for a fact that Broncos Country (hands down some of the best fans in the world) deserves better and right now things are ugly...REAL ugly.

 Sure, we can all point to some pretty significant injuries on both sides of the ball in particular Jerry Jeudy and KJ Hamler, two of the fastest and most dynamic weapons on the offensive side of the ball and on defense, the linebacking core which is just devastated with injuries.

Josey Jewell was a big loss but Alexander Johnson, who's been really solid this year...losing him yesterday hurt big time as well and of course Bradley Chubb, who still hasn't been able to play more than a few snaps this year due to an ankle injury. While the injuries hurt, people don't want excuses, they want explanations and understandably so.

The two most alarming things to me, are the amount of big plays the defense is giving up, especially considering that the Broncos secondary is THE highest paid group in the league...they're just not getting it done at all. They have given up several long touchdown passes and pass plays over the last three weeks and that simply can't happen.

 The second thing that is alarming to me is the lack of a running game. Anytime Teddy Bridgewater has to throw the ball 49 times in a game, you're in trouble. Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams are REALLY good running backs but outside of a couple of big plays per game, the offensive line is not getting it done and that's putting more pressure on the passing game and that is NOT the way this offense and it's scheme is built.

The highlight of the game for me yesterday was this run by Javonte Williams... YouTube/ Highlight Heaven


That was SUCH a great run and that's the thing, we've seen flashes from the Broncos, especially in the first 3 weeks of the season and while many have said, it's who they played...that's fine but in the NFL, wins are hard to come by and in such a short season, you can't take any of them for granted, and that's what makes these last 3 weeks so difficult.

A season that started so promising is now on the brink of destruction. It's a short week for the Broncos which may actually end of being a good thing as they try to wash this bitter taste out of their mouth when the travel to Cleveland and take on the Browns on Thursday Night this week.

On the flip side, this could also be the breaking point for many people's jobs as well,. In a season that provided so much promise and excitement in the beginning and with the amount of talent on this team, a 4 game losing streak could just very well be the final straw.

So my questions to you Broncos Country is...what changes need to be made? Are you ready to see Drew Lock?   Should there be wholesale changes in the coaching staff or...do you want to wait it out a couple more weeks.   Here's what some of Broncos Country had to say after yesterday's loss...




The season is NOT over but clock is ticking and this proud franchise and its fanbase is hungry for a winner and despite the last few weeks, I feel like this team HAS the talent to do some special things but the question for all of us...can they find a way to figure it out and do it?

A BIG test awaits Thursday night in Cleveland and even though it's only week 7 in a 17 week season, I feel like the season is sitting on the brink and this game will either be a turning point or sinking point.


Denver Broncos Forgotten Players


Denver Broncos Forgotten Players




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