Hey, if you're looking for that special someone, the good news is these witty tweeters are, too. They're #SingleBecause...

I mean... I think I've seen one or two? Also what's wrong with a nice brunette?!

This clever tweet is from three years ago, before Ryan found his perfect match on MTV's Are You The One?
Ouch, that's being a little hard on Colorado Springs, don't you think?

...Oh. Noticing a theme. Well, at least we're in Northern Colorado.
Hopefully not Colorado Springs, Ashleigh. The feedback has not been great.

Well, at least you know he's honest.
Uh, you ever heard of a thing called the Avs?

Aw, come on, you look pretty -- HEY WAIT A MINUTE!!?
Mhm! Amen to the optimism, sister.

And, lastly, I'll just second what this witty gal's got to say. #preach.  

Actually, we can get behind this.

What is your #SingleBecause?