I never thought I would be the girl who writes about Tinder... so I'll say it again -- I did it for research, I swear! As I sat typing away in my downtown studio apartment, I couldn't help but wonder, am I becoming Carrie Bradshaw? No, I'd never buy a $400 pair of heels. Boots? Maybe.

Young man posing with a salmon

I digress. As they say, 'There are plenty of fish in the sea,' but not as many as there are on the Fort Collins/Greeley Tinder (seriously though, even Tinder knows this).

As Scruggs and I serially swiped left, we noticed some trends we wouldn't mind seeing die like a floppy dead fish.  Anyway, if you want your profile to stand out to us, fellas, ditch the following...

5 Things Northern Colorado Guys Need to Stop Doing on Tinder


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