Last nigh, my wife and I grabbed a bite at Good Times and decided to have dinner at the sculpture park right next to Dairy Queen in Loveland. While we were eating, we saw over a half a dozen police cars fly by heading west. We thought something crazy was going on and then when we were leaving, we saw the SWAT vehicle going down the road. Turns out something wild did happen...

moodboard, ThinkStock
moodboard, ThinkStock

According the to the Coloradoan, a standoff started around 7 p.m. police responded to a call of a man that appeared to be intoxicated with a rife, handgun and a bulletproof vest in the 1700 block of N. Wilson Ave. The standoff lasted about two hours and ended peacefully when police knocked down the door and apprehended Daniel Praxedis Jaquez of Loveland in the Lakemont Place apartment complex.

In a separate article in the Coloradoan, Daniel Jaquez has been charged with a Class 5 felony charge of menacing and two misdemeanors.


Source: Coloradoan



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