I loved Legos growing up.  Heck, a big part of me still does.  The thing that always bugged me, though, was looking for that one specially-sized piece that I needed to complete my masterpiece, in a sea of pieces I had absolutely no need for.

It warms my heart that not only did somebody build a Lego sorting plant, but also built it out of Legos. Here's a video of it in action:

The plant was created with around 37,500 pieces of Lego, including 28 motors, 22 touch, color, and ultrasonic sensors, and 7 Mindstorm NXT controller bricks. They all work together, along with conveyor belts and tumbling drums, to effectively sort 2x4 and 1x2 bricks by size and color. When a container full of sorted bricks gets full, a robot will even automatically remove it, replacing it with an empty container so the plant can continue working away.

[via Gismodo.]

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