The recent buzz of toy news brought confirmation that 'The Simpsons' would be going LEGO for an upcoming installment, though few details of the topical concept episode were known. Now, we've learned exactly when "Brick Like Me" will premiere, along with the bizarre twist that leads to Homer finding both himself and the rest of Springfield made entirely of LEGO!

Via TVLine, we've learned that the 'Simpsons' LEGO installment "Brick Like Me, its 550th episode, will air on Sunday, May 4, the second week of May Sweeps. As for its plot, Homer mysteriously wakes up in a world where he and all of Springfield are made of LEGO, forcing him to “put together” how he got there, and how he might return.

Apart from topical discussion of the iconic building toys from 'The LEGO Movie,' the installment also no-doubt ties into the recent announcement of a 'Simpsons' LEGO set, among a myriad of other toys accompanying the long-running FOX comedy's 25th anniversary. This won't be the first time we've seen 'The Simpsons' animated as toys either, including last year's 'Robot Chicken' parody.

Of course, if that weren’t big enough news for ‘Simpsons’ fans in 2014, there’s also the upcoming character death, the FXX streaming deal, and the always fan-friendly cavalcade of guest stars to lend their voices over the coming year. While we wait for 'The SImpsons' to go LEGO, tell us what else you'd want to see America's favorite family take on in upcoming episodes, when the current season returns March 9!

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