Twenty-five seasons on the air, we'd imagine 'The Simpsons' to have covered just about everything under and shielded from the sun, but it seems our favorite Springfield family has at least one new animation style to boldly go: LEGO! Along with the recent announcement of 'Simpsons'-themed LEGO products, it seems the series itself will get the brick and block treatment in 2014!

Word of the 'Simpsons' LEGO episode comes via Nerdly, who suggest that the installment will assemble in May of 2014 to support the upcoming toy released, placing the episode late in the upcoming 25th season. While no other details of the episode were available, a LEGO 'Simpsons' episode would certainly fit in with the massive brand expansion of late as well, ranging from the Universal theme park to crossovers with 'Family Guy,'  'Futurama,' and beyond.

Meanwhile, ‘The Simpsons’ season 25 will feature appearances from returning 'Parks and Recreation' star Amy Poehler and 'Harry Potter' vet Daniel Radcliffe, ‘Arrested Development‘ star Will Arnett, ‘SNL‘ vet Kristen Wiig, ‘Mad Men‘ star Elisabeth Moss, comic legend Stan Lee, and ‘The Newsroom‘ creator and acclaimed writer Aaron Sorkin.

While it might also be possible that a LEGO 'Simpsons' animation keeps to the opening couch gag, as was the case with a recent 'Robot Chicken' parody, what say you? Would you want to see Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie done up as brick and block for an entire 2014 episode?

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