Colorado is known for its fantastic Mexican food, especially when it comes to our prime selection of tacos. One taco place, some may not have tried based on the name alone, but they're missing out because they have some bomb tacos.

Where Are The Best Tacos In Colorado?


Tacos are loved pretty much worldwide, right? While some places vary in how they serve they're all pretty similar presentation-wise. Taste-wise, that's a whole different story!

We have some fantastic Mexican Restaurant options in Colorado that serve up some fantastic tacos. We also have some incredible food truck options as well. Some might argue that the best tacos come from a food truck.

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While food trucks might be your go-to, you've got to try this awesome taco chain found all around Colorado. Don't be fooled by their interesting name because their food, and drinks, are delicious.

Interesting Name, But Some Of The Best Tacos In Colorado Are Here

Getting their start back in 2003 in Fort Worth, Texas, This small taco shop chain has now grown to over 150 restaurants nationwide. With so many different locations around Colorado, you've certainly heard of Fuzzy's Taco Shop, right? Some are too quick to judge a book by its cover (or name) and are seriously missing out on its fantastic atmosphere full of some of the best food and drinks around. Let's take a peek inside...

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Have a Friday Food Review suggestion? Send an email to and we'll check it out. In the meantime, if you love local Mexican restaurants, check out these fantastic past reviews...

This Local Colorado Mexican Restaurant Is One Of The Best

After opening in 2008, Las Palmeras Mexican Restaurant has become one of the area's very best locally-owned places to get delicious, and authentic Mexican food. We found this place by accident years ago while driving hungry down Main Street in Longmont and have been regulars ever since.

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

This Local Mexican Restaurant Is One Of Colorado's Very Best

If you're like me, you're always trying to find good authentic Mexican food in Colorado, The towns of Windsor and Wellington Colorado are home to two family-owned locations called "Sol De Jalisco" that you have to experience for yourself. Both the food and the staff are always top-notch. Here's a peek at what they were serving up last time we stopped in.

Gallery Credit: Big Rob TSM

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