With only five Hooters locations in Colorado, the thought of one (or more) of them closing seems like we could be seeing an end of an era.

Hooters has been one of those places that gets disparaged by many, but loved by about the same amount of people. For over 40 years, the restaurant/bar has fed and entertained millions; but, after 40 years, is the party over?

Will the Hooters in Colorado be seeing the same fate as Red Lobster locations?

Could Colorado Hooters Be a Part of Recent Surge in Closures?

The end does feel like it might be near for Hooters as over 40 of the chain's locations closed across the country within recent months. The great idea that began in 1983, may be looking for other ideas to stay in the game.

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I remember when there was a Hooters in Fort Collins near College Avenue and Drake Road. Friends and I would shoot some disc golf at Edora Park then head over to that Hooters for beer and wings.

Many people: Men, women, kids, loved that Hooters, just like all Hooters. It's not just about the girls; it's about great food, too.

Will Colorado See the End of Having a Hooters?

Colorado has five Hooters locations:

  • Colorado Springs.
  • Aurora.
  • Lone Tree.
  • Westminster.
  • Loveland.
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With just five Hooters in Colorado, and Hooters having to close underperforming locations to cut costs, does Colorado having so few put us in a good spot, or a bad spot when it comes to those that might have to be shut down?

When the rumors of Red Lobsters closing started, Colorado had 16; by June of 2024, 12 of them were set to be closed.

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