Denver Broncos QB1 rented out an entire Waffle House in Colorado on Wednesday, and his reason for doing it is over-the-top sweet. We just love this man...

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Russell Wilson Rents Out Entire Colorado Waffle House For Private Event

Getty / Canva
Getty / Canva

Waffle House has always had a distinct stigma around its name. But I'll be honest, I've never understood why. Their food is incredibly good, and even after the price increases following the pandemic, is still one of the more affordable restaurants around. Hot and fresh, made-to-order food that's cooked right in front of you, and typically served to you in less than 5-10 minutes. Tell me where the knock is. All I'm saying is if it's good enough for Broncos Quarterback Russell Wilson and Ciara, it's good enough for anybody. So why did Russ rent out the whole restaurant this week?

Why Did Russell Wilson Rent An Entire Colorado Waffle House?

Not only did he rent out the entire restaurant, but he rolled out the red carpet, literally,  for a candle-lit dinner to celebrate his amazing wife's birthday. Obviously, it'd be a little tricky for Russ and his pregnant wife Ciara to just roll up to a random Colorado waffle House without being bombarded by people, so he got creative to take care of her pregnant belly cravings. This video that Ciara posted is so cute.

She said "This is like for sure one of the most epic things you've ever done," so he knows the way to her heart. Cheesy eggs, hashbrowns, and a big ol waffle! How's he ever gonna top this next year? Side note, Russ is NOT the problem with the Denver Broncos this season and his stats show it. Put some "dawgs" around him to protect him so he's not running for his life every play, and some true threats to throw too, and you'd see this man shine. He's a great leader and we're lucky to have him. It's a shame we're wasting these years with such a great QB. Imagine if they let this happen when they got Manning. Crazy... Go Broncos, and Happy Birthday, Ciara!

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