A new report says rock icon Prince, who died in April at 57, could have very likely evolved into the king of reality TV.

The Associated Press confirmed the streaming service was considering a multi-episode series that would have centered on Prince's Paisley Park home in Minnesota. The project had been in "discussions" before Prince's death, but had not "come to fruition" in time.

Still, photographer Maya Washington told GQ in a story published December 9 that Prince wasn't sure he was cool with the idea of appearing in a reality-type project.

"He was supposed to do something with Netflix, a reality show on Paisley Park," she said. "He's 'Why don't you help me?' I'm, 'I'd love to, but you'd have to be in it.' And he's, 'No, no, no, I'm not in it.' I'm, 'Why not? You're so funny — why don't you want anyone to see your sense of humor?' And he would shut it down: 'Maya, I can't be funny. I have to save the world.'"

Thankfully, there's more to come for Prince fans still in mourning: Screen Daily confirmed in November that a new documentary, Prince: R U Listening?, will drop in 2017 and feature rock gods like Bono and Mick Jagger. An October Billboard story also confirmed a Purple Rain deluxe edition, which will include a handful of unreleased tracks, is set for release in early 2017.

A greatest-hits album called Prince 4Ever was released on November 22 and includes the previously unreleased “Moonbeam Levels,” which was recorded in 1982 and has so far only available on bootlegs.

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