With no Will and a fortune up for grabs, it's not surprising that there are claims that people are related to Prince after his death. But one Colorado inmate is hoping to get a DNA test to prove it. It has been well publicised that Prince left no Will and that his siblings are handling his estate. However, in Minnesota, where Prince lived and passed, the law states that children are first in line to inherit property left by a deceased parent. This is where Calvin Q. Willimas comes in. According to the Coloradoan, Williams, originally from Kansas City Missouri, and currently serving time in a Colorado maximum-security prison in Florence, is seeking to prove he is the offspring of Prince. Williams is currently serving a term of seven years and eight months for unlawfully transporting firearms in 2013.

Willimas and his attorney, Patrick Cousins, have filed with the Carver County District Court that Williams is the son of Prince, and are seeking a DNA test to prove it. Williams claims that Prince and his mother had sex in July of 1976 and that he was born the following April. This is the first, and I'm sure not the last paternity claim when it comes to Prince and his estate. According to USA Today, Princes lawyers will be given a sample of his blood solely for this purpose. I'm sure his family and representative will practice due diligence to make sure they only entertain legitimate claims and not every yahoo that comes along in an attempt to grab a portion of his fortune.

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