Shortly after Prince's death, a rapper named Prince Dracula claimed the singer is his father and demanded a DNA test. Now the results are in.

*Cue dramatic/anticipatory Maury Show pause*

According to the Associated Press, an anonymous source unauthorized to release this information, said that the rapper (whose real name is Carlin Q. Williams) is not the singer's son. He will therefore (obviously) not inherit a fortune of up to $300 million.

Williams alleged his mother had unprotected sex with Prince at a hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1976. Nine months later, Williams was born.

Currently serving federal prison time in Colorado for unlawfully transporting a firearm in a stolen vehicle, Williams' criminal record includes drug and domestic violence charges.

Get to know the newly-named rapper, "The Rapper Formerly Known As Prince Dracula," in the video below. (Just kidding, but he should seriously change his name to that.)

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