One family vacation and an open mind led me to experience one of my favorite artist meet-and-greets ever.

I've always been very open to the idea of ghosts and paranormal activity. It wasn't until about a year ago that I became more in-tune with spirits around me in my home and elsewhere. From the time I had a ghost dog follow me home to the time I was pinned down in bed by a deceased young man who wanted to cuddle (the feeling was so real, I honestly thought someone had broken into my home and was about to attack me), I can say I've had a few interesting experiences.

But on my family vacation to Minnesota, I had probably the best, or at least the coolest, paranormal encounters: I met Prince.

Typically whenever I think I feel a ghost's presence, I try to talk myself out of it. I really do - because as much as I'd like to make particular spirits come to me, it's more something that just "happens" and cannot be forced. So I try not to "tell" myself spirits are around, because I want it to be authentic and not made-up.

Last week after visiting family in Minnetonka, Minnesota, my family decided to drive down to Prince's Paisley Park compound, which is located in nearby Chanhassen.

It was dark, but I had my GoPro and iPhone flashlight with me, so I shot footage of all the notes, photos, and other mementos that fans left for Prince following his death on April 21, 2016 at Paisley Park, on the chain link fence encapsulating the property. (Watch the video below.)

As I'm walking along the fence shooting this video, I can't help but have my attention pulled to the lawn on the other side of the fence.

Someone's here watching me, I thought, and continued walking and shooting my video.

Moments later I just about step in a small puddle, and that's when I felt someone on my left.

"Careful - don't step in the puddle," they said to me.

Wait a minute, this energy that just talked to me is masculine, charming, and albeit not sexual, very flirtatious and seemingly fun.

Holy crap, it was Prince who was watching me and talking to me!

He followed me down the rest of the fence to make sure I didn't step in any more of the puddles. It was the coolest paranormal encounter I'd ever had.

I don't want to say this was a situation unique to only me - Prince has so many fans from all around the world that love him so much, and I know he's at Paisley Park all the time interacting with fans that visit.

So if  you ever make it out to Paisley Park when it opens for public tours, just know that he's there and he appreciates all the love you have for him and his music.

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