In the middle of a storm of bizarre controversy lies actor Armie Hammer, who, for the past month, has been accused of cannibalistic behavior by several ex-lovers.

The latest claim was when his ex-girlfriend Courtney Vucekovich claimed he had "cannibalistic fantasies", Popcrush wrote. According to her, he would lick cuts, tell her he wanted to take a bite out of her, and supposedly also tell her he wanted to barbecue her ribs. She also alleged that he was drinking heavily and on drugs at the time.

Hammer has denied the claims completely, and whether he's telling the truth or not, I'd like to remind you that he once opened a restaurant/bakery with his wife, Elizabeth Chambers, which still operates in Denver. The menu sounds delicious. 

Hammer and Chambers divorced in 2020, so it's possible he's no longer connected to the restaurant, but his Colorado connection is undeniable.

Personally, I'd like to try it. However, if you'd rather go deeper into the hole that is this controversy, read more here.

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