I can't say I would have thought of this while being chased.

Wildlife comes with the territory where we live. You have to be a ware of your surroundings when you're out and bout in our region. Wild animals can scare you, harm you and kill you if you get too close. And then there are times when these creatures just come after you and that is nothing short of terrifying.

Recently a skier in Romania had a close encounter with a bear.

It happened at the Predeal mountain resort where there have been bear sightings in recent years. However, the resort has remained open with a strong word of caution to anyone who takes to the slopes. In fact, the only reason we have video of this encounter is because there were other skiers ascending the mountain at the time.

In the video you can see a man flying down the mountainside with a bear in hot pursuit. You can hear people shouting and whistling to get the bear's attention and give the man time to escape. However, the bear is locked in on this one man and won't let up.

According to witnesses, the man took off his bag and dropped it as he continued to flee. This turned out to be the perfect tradeoff as the bear immediately grabbed it and stopped chasing the skier. It was this quick thinking that ultimately saved the man's life.

By then, the skier and the bear were pretty close to the bottom of the slope. Other snow enthusiasts dropped their equipment at the sight of the bear and began to run for safety. The bear was then scared away and authorities are both investigating and making plans to relocate the bear.

Isn't this guy supposed to be hibernating anyway?

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