Though his path ahead regarding football may be in question, his path ahead regarding his personal life is right on track.

Maybe it's because I'm a bald man in my 50's that Phillip Lindsay's hair is a matter of concern for me. But, you have to admit, his big afro has become iconic. I've loved it.

Phillip Lindsay's football career is an American story:

After attending CU Boulder, he got an undrafted running back spot on the Broncos roster in 2018. In his rookie season with the Denver Broncos, he not only became the first undrafted player with 100+ scrimmage yards in each of their first two games in NFL history, but he was also the first rookie ever to be voted to the Pro Bowl.

His second season saw him becoming the only undrafted player to rush for over 1,000 in their first two seasons. Everybody knew his name after that.

And everybody could recognize Phillip, with that hair. All. That. Hair.

Phillip Lindsay's third season was not near as productive, due to injuries. He racked up only 502 yards and was placed on injured reserve in December of 2020. According to USA Today, Lindsay will become a restricted free agent in the spring of 2021.

But, as any wise man should, Lindsay knows that life is about more than only football.

The phenom running back has been in a relationship with Morgan Stanton since they began dating while the two attended CU and they have a son together that was born in May of 2020.

On January 27, 2021, Phillip popped the question to Morgan and she said yes. In a photo taken a the restaurant where the proposal happened, his short hair stands out (though not as much) like the smile on their faces; a photo that TMZ was able to obtain.

I'm sure that Phillip's hair has been cut short before, but to add an engagement on top of a recent chop, makes me feel that the running back is really getting into 'adulting.'

Congratulations, and the best of luck - in football and in life.

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