Firkin February is nearly here and we are firkin excited. 

What is a firkin, for those who don't know? According to beer expert 

A Firkin is a specific size of a cask. It is 1/4 barrel or 10.8 gallons.

Thanks to the size of this specific cask, brewers can have a lot of fun with flavors and different infusions, and that's just what breweries in the CBG plan to do this month. Select breweries in Colorado will tap firkins all February long, and for every one sold, $20 per firkin will be donated to the Colorado Brewers Guild. Score!

On, you can find a list of all the Colorado breweries participating and which firkins they plan to tap, but I have to say the ones that intrigue me the most are Epic Brewing Company's Sour Patch Kids IPA and Strange Craft Beer Company's Ain't-Cho Mango Stout, made with ancho chilies. Woah!

Pick your favorite firkin here and let's get ready to support our Colorado local craft breweries, all February long.

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