December was quite the month.

I saw Snoop Dogg, didn't coordinate with Santa on Chewbacca toys for Jaq Jaq, and I became obsessed with Snapchat's sticker feature, unveiling a new character that I haven't named yet (see right).

My neighbors probably thought my sister and I were drunk on Christmas morning as we splashed around in the hot tub - I guess they have good reason to believe that, because we were romping around in matching holiday onesies the night before.

Follow along with the third installment of my Snap Rodeo below and feel free to add me as a friend on Snapchat to see my snaps before they hit YouTube for all to see, @famerobot.


    If you've never heard my weird scream giggle need to hear it. It's WEIRD. Watch my last Snap Rodeo below.

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