You've seen me get crazy with my Snap story, and now I'm gonna let you in on my life via Instagram.

Obviously I'm not posting as many Instagram photos as I am snapping (that would be HELLA annoying), so I'm going to share with you some of my most recent Instagram photos that I feel sum up my life at the moment and give some commentary on each of the photos.

After you skim over mine, I encourage you to do the same and share your photos with me! (Tag me in them if you'd like - that might be easiest.)

1. Fancy bathroom floor spotted in the Parade of Homes.

I toured a million dollar home in Timnath that had about 5 or 6 bathrooms, all of which had their own unique flair as far as design goes. In my downtime (all day, actually), I pin fancy homes like this one on my "Future Home" board on Pinterest. I've never wanted to pursue interior design as a career, but I appreciate the art form.

2. I have zero oz of table etiquette.

Plastic knives don't cut steak, FYI. So yes, I had to eat steak this way at work.

3. I drink 7-Eleven coffee all day every day.

Every time I pour coffee into an extra large cup at 7-Eleven, I sing "I wanna make love in this cup" to myself in the tune of Usher's "Love in This Club." But I sing it to myself because that would be wildly messed up to sing aloud.

THIS is what I'm sippin' on, Usher.

Seriously, the song is just so catchy.

4. I'm obsessed with my chihuahua, Jaq Jaq.

My goodness, this child is my life!

5. Glitter + hair = lyfe

I really need to create a glitter hair tutorial to share with you, because this is just super fun. Aside from the mess, what isn't there to love about glitter?

6. My boyfriend, Aaron, is in almost all my photos nowadays. (And I get all mushy n stuff talking about him.)

It was difficult for me to choose only one photo to share, because there are quite a few good ones and the number keeps growing. He's the coolest guy ever, he makes me laugh, treats me so well, and his eyes are so mesmerizing. *heart eyes emoji!* Thanks Aaron for being the best. <3

7. I wear this yellow quartz crystal a LOT.

Mostly because I'm too lazy to whip out my rose quartz crystal, but also because I just really like how it looks. Healing crystals are the bomb.

8. Gazing out Chipotle windows at the Denver7 building.

Not a stalker at all...I do love Denver7, though. (And burrito bowls.)

9. Mercury Retrograde still sucks.

I'm trying to help this communication crisis by googling articles I've probably already read, but it's not really helping.

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