Finally! The good news has arrived about when we can here new music from Blink-182. They haven't had an album since their self titled album in 2003. I can't wait to hear the first single available! You can catch them at Comfort Dental on September 3rd. 

Although the band have remained secretive when it comes to unveiling the album's title and tracklisting, Hoppus has revealed that the album is fully recorded and that their label will receive the record's first single on July 3, with an official release date due shortly after.

"We’ve been working on it since the band reformed two years ago, but really, really, really started intense work last October," says Hoppus. "And the past four months have been the serious heavy lifting.

"The finish line is approaching. We’ve chosen an album title, started working on artwork, moving into mixing, and getting ready for tour rehearsals. "He added: "The single is due to be delivered to the label in a week [July 3], and soon after that it will be released. The full album is due in a month, and will be released a few weeks later. It’s all coming together!"

Blink-182 will embark on a UK and Ireland tour in 2012.

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