Remember the porn star who appeared on the cover of Blink-182‘s 1999 album ‘Enema of the State’ in a nurse’s outfit? That was actress Janine Lindemulder, and time seems to have caught up with the now-43-year-old, if a new photo is any indication.

A pic posted on Buzzfeed shows Lindemulder with short hair and creepy smile. Her “Fear Not” tattoo across her neck and upper torso is clearly visible.

The photo might be her mug shot from her arrest for harassing ex-husband Jesse James (yes, Sandra Bullock’s former hubby). Lindemulder has also served time in jail for tax evasion.

Of course, it must be pointed out that the album cover of Lindemulder was professionally shot and edited, while the new photo on the web was clearly taken in poor lighting. Lindemulder doesn’t look nearly as bad in the 2010 photo shown on her Wikipedia page.

‘Enema of the State’ was Blink-182′s best-selling album, thanks to hit singles ‘What’s My Age Again?,’ ‘All the Small Things’ and ‘Adam’s Song.’ Lindemulder appeared in the videos for ‘What’s My Age Again?’ and the group’s 2000 hit ‘Man Overboard.’

Take a look at the comparison of Lindemulder in 1999 and today by clicking the link below.

Watch the Blink-182 ‘What’s My Age Again’ Video Feat. Janine Lindemulder

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