Have you ever seen an osprey flying free in the sky and wondered what they looked like up close? Or, maybe you've wondered how an osprey behaves during its daily life.

Well, wonder no more! Live webcams can now give you an inside look into what these birds of prey are like in real time.

The City of Loveland Open Lands & Trails works with local organizations and volunteers to provide open space, natural areas and specialized nesting structures for for birds of prey.

City of Loveland Osprey Cam
City of Loveland Osprey Cam

Collectively, these dedicated groups provide nest platforms for osprey and nest boxes for barn owls and kestrels, according to the City.

If you'd like to keep an eye on Colorado's birds, Loveland has set up cameras that stream live video of the constructed habitats and are available 24/7, giving you an up-close and personal view of these magnificent creatures.

In the meantime, if you do find an osprey nest out in the wild, the City of Loveland Open Lands & Trails asks that you stay at least 300 feet away from the nests, because "human disturbance can cause harm or even death to the eggs or young birds." You can also support Loveland's conservation efforts by donating here.

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