According to Marie Clair, 65percent of men have been asked out by a woman, and 91 percent of guys are comfortable with a woman asking them out. So don't be shy, and spark up that spring fling with a great first date. So ladies, the ball is in your court. Go ahead and ask that guy out, and try one of these great first date locations.


  • Go For A Hike on a First Date

    There are several places in Fort Collins to go for a hike with great views and romantic spots to enjoy them. How about marching up to the CSU "A" or maybe the Coyote Ridge Natural Area?

  • Go Play Some Games

    Now, no one wants to "play games" when it comes to a new relationship... But we're talking about playing laser tag, bowling or pinball. Set your sites on one another at Loveland Laser Tag, try not to strike out at Chippers Lanes or show off your skills at Pinball Jones

  • Show Off Your Compassionate Side

  • If All Else Fails, Flip a Coin

    Put your first date in the hands of lady luck. Meet at the corner of Mountain and College in Old Town and start walking. When you come to an intersection, you flip a coin. Head is right and tails is left and see where life takes you.

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