Lily Allen has been crazy busy lately promoting the hell out of her new album. She's done videos and TV shows, and has a tour coming up. Somehow she's also found the time to record an unofficial song for the World Cup.

The song, 'Bass Like Home,' hasn't been recognized by the football commission or whoever's in charge of these sorta things. But Allen herself has called the track the unofficial World Cup song, so we'll just play along and assume she knows what she's doing.

Plus, it's way better than the official song that somebody somewhere thought was a good choice. If you haven't heard it, it's called 'We Are One (Ole Ole),' and it's performed by Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez. Which should tell you enough right there.

But back to Allen's 'Bass Like Home,' which, true to its name, is heavy on the bottom end. Give it a listen:

Allen is now prepping her first U.S. tour in years, which supports her first album in five years, 'Sheezus,' a fine return to form after a five-year break for the controversial British singer and songwriter.

We're guessing 'Bass Like Home' was recorded during or near the tail end of the sessions for the new album, since it sounds like it would be a perfect fit among the electro-pop and dance-floor jams on the record.

Either way, we like this one way better than the official song for the World Cup, which runs from June 12 through July 13. So there's still some time to make it official. And here's Allen's latest video for 'Sheezus'' title track, because we like it so much:

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