Jason David Frank, who is better known to the legions of 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' fans as the Green turned White Ranger of our collective childhoods, is trying to get into the Guiness Book of World Records. And no, it's not by fighting a million Zords or signing thousands of autographs for fanboys and fan girls. That would probably be a lot safer, in all honesty.

Sadly, the stunt is weirder than anything we've ever heard of before. According to a Facebook update, he will try to beat Clifford J. Crandall's record of breaking pine boards while skydiving. Frank is determined to break at least two or three pine boards that are at least one-inch thick before he deploys his parachute. Ouch! He'd better have ice on hand afterwords cause that's going to leave a bruise.

Despite the fact that his hand is going to hurt like the Dickens, this is also an incredibly dangerous stunt because all of the people involved have to be fully-trained skydivers so that they can get into position as quick as possible and then actually break the boards. Plus, they have to hold onto the broken pieces of the boards so that way no one is, y'know, killed from the debris. We don't envy the unlucky folks who are heading out with Frank for this silly stunt.

But never fear, all you nostalgic 'Power Rangers' fans--you'll be able to watch this online, as The Guiness Book of World Records will film it and upload it to YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Oh, how the mighty 'Power Rangers' have fallen.

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