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World’s Biggest Pizza Delivery?
It was actually last summer that 30,000 pizzas were delivered to active military soldiers in Afghanistan, but recently the Guinness Book of World Records officially named it the worlds largest pizza delivery.
Pizza 4 Patriots is the non-profit organization that has been sending a slice of home to sol…
World’s Most Expensive Cocktail Costs Almost $9,000! [VIDEO]
I'm an adult; and as such, I enjoy the occasional adult beverage. Living in Fort Collins, I pretty much have to love beer; and trust me, I do. I give spirits their fair shake as well, though. The fanciest I usually get in terms of cocktails is a Manhattan; but the cocktail in this story make…
$11 Million Christmas Tree
Even Christmas is an opportunity for opulence in the United Arab Emirates.
A gold, diamond and sapphire-studded bejeweled Christmas tree standing 43 feet tall now decorates a lobby rotunda at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, according to several news reports.