Pizza shops in Colorado seem to be just about everywhere; so it's not crazy that these guys have missed your radar, but they're doing great things.

They don't have a lot of locations, but the locations that they do have are "crushing it" when it comes to supporting their local communities, and more. Maybe you've seen their food trucks around the Denver metro area.

Infinitus Pie Colorado
Facebook/Infinitus Pie

Have You Heard of Infinitus Pie in Colorado?

How many pizza chains exist in Colorado that were born in Colorado? Infinitus Pie is one of them, and you should really get to know them.

How Many Locations Does Infinitus Pie Have in Colorado?

They have three locations that you can dine at:

  • Tivoli at the Auraria Campus
  • Broomfield
  • CU Boulder Campus

According to the Daily Camera, they also have a location that is for delivery, catering and production, which is in Louisville, and their food trucks. In the end, they are about way more than their pies, though.

How Does Infinitus Pie Help Their Communities in Colorado?

You're not going to see Pizza Hut doing what 'iPIE' has been doing ever since they opened, when it comes to supporting their communities.

  • Scholarship Fund: They take 10% of all tips and put that money into their "ScholarTips" Fund. Five scholarships of $3,000 each go out each year.

Education is important to iPie; hence their CU Boulder and Auraria Campus locations.

  • Charity Giving Days: Once a month, Infinitus Pie holds their IPie Gives Day, where 31.4% of sales for the day go to a selected local charity.
Infinitus Pie Colorado
Facebook/Infinitus Pie

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Plus, Pizza Pete, part of the Father-Daughter team behind the chain, is a hoot.

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