There are probably several reasons why lemurs are illegal to own as pets in Colorado - this being one of them.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, an illegal pet lemur bit a 2-year-old girl in downtown Nederland at around 1 p.m. on Wednesday. The girl wasn't seriously injured, but police began searching for the animal's owner.

An employee at the Carousel of Happiness reported the bite to officers, which occurred on East First Street. The incident is still under investigation, and Nederland police Chief Paul Carrill would not disclose whether or not the lemur was in police custody. Carrill did, however, confirm police are still searching for its owner.

The aforementioned Carousel of Happiness employee - who chose not to identify herself to the Daily Camera - says the lemur once rode the popular tourist attraction, though admits they'll have to change their "No Dogs" sign to "No Animals" following the incident.

A Boulder Daily Camera editor snapped a photo of the lemur being walked on a leash by its owner last month, which can be seen HERE. The lemur is well-known in the area, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials have even told the owner that it is illegal to keep the lemur as a pet.

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