A favorite spot in Longmont, Colorado, made the decision to close its doors after 12 years.

Their name invoked having a celebration, but now the celebration is over for this great little restaurant that brought a lot of joy to its customers.

They had only been in their "new" Longmont space for a couple of years, serving farm-to-table Southwest and Colorado dishes.


Cantina Lunada in Longmont

It's sad to hear about Cantina Lunada in Longmont's closing after a great run of over a dozen years. "Lunada" in Spanish means "Celebration/party;" the party is over for the restaurant now.

Cantina Lunada opened as Lunada Eatery & Cantina in Lafayette, Colorado, in 2013; a few years after that, the restaurant moved to a different location in Lafayette, and then a few years after that, to Longmont, near Ken Pratt Boulevard and Main Street.

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Cantina Lunada had a great menu, great drinks, karaoke nights, and a great clientele. After 12 years in business, it was just time to say adiós.

Why is Cantina Lunada in Longmont, Colorado, Closing?

It looks like the local Mexican restaurant got an offer to be bought out while the staff stays on, so the two co-owners took that offer:

Though the spot was small, they strived to be "big" when it came to the food and fun.

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It will be interesting to see what the new owners have planned for the cantina. Will it remain Cantina Lunada or become something else? Maybe it will return to being a CHUBurger location like it was before Cantina Lunada moved in.

CHUBurger in Longomont
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