When playing MyVegas it can be a slow go as you build up loyalty points, but there are a few ways to earn loyalty points fast that are 100% free!

MyVegas is a part of MGM Resort's Mlife Rewards Program. It's one more way that MGM is getting Las Vegas tourists involved with their loyalty program and into their casinos. Therefore one of the best MyVegas perks comes from signing up for and Mlife account and receiving e-mail offers. Approximately once a month, you will receive an e-mail, like the one above, that rewards you with 1,000 free loyalty points! It's the easiest way to gain a significant number of loyalty points by far.

MyVegas Game Screenshot

In addition to these special e-mail offers, there is one more simple way to earn lots of loyalty points outside of spending a ton of time playing MyVegas. Play enough to build every hotel on the strip, once you've done that open the game a couple of times a day and collect all of the chips/loyalty points from them. By doing this over time it really ads up quick as some of the hotels on the strip can pay out up to 250 loyalty points at a time!