Many times the creators of MyVegas promote "Double XP" on all or certain slots within the game. In reality though is earning double the experience points (XP) really a good thing?

The short answer to this question is no, it's actually bad to earn double XP. This might be surprising because everyone goes nuts on facebook when MyVegas offers double XP. In the game your biggest enemy is losing chips. No matter what you do, in the long run you will lose LOTS of chips so you want to conserve them.

Early on in MyVegas, it takes fewer chips to earn 10 loyalty points than it does at the higher levels. For example at level 3 it only takes 8 spins at 80 chips each "PLAY" to earn 10 loyaty points, so in total those 10 loyalty points cost you only 640 chips. However at level 60 you have to "PLAY" 1,000 chips for 6 spins (6,000 chips total) in order to get the same 10 loyalty points. The general rule is that as you progress to higher and higher levels, loyalty points cost more and more chips, so you don't want to level up fast!

Experience points are what cause you to level up, so by playing slots that offer Double XP, you are actually hurting yourself by leveling up faster. You want to play the optimal bets and stay away from slots that offer Double XP in order to get the most loyalty points from your chips. You can find out more about betting your chips optimally in our official guide.